Russian SU-24 Jet Shot Down By Turkey And Russian Helicopter Sent In For Pilots Rescue Also Destroyed Afterwards

2015-11-24 4,657 Dailymotion

Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 jet that has allegedly violated Turkish airspace today. According to official Turkish statements the Russian plane was downed by a Turkish F-16 jet.

Russia confirmed the incident.

The Russian plane crashed on Syrian territory and the two pilots ejected from the plane but came under heavy small arms fire by Syrian Turkmen Rebels shortly after the opened their parachutes.

Syrian rebels also released footage claiming to show the destruction of a Russian helicopter, by a rebel fired TOW missile, that was sent in to search for the downed Pilots.

However it is unclear if the claim is true since the helicopter was destroyed shortly after its landing in alleged hostile territory and it is questionable what exactly caused the helicopter to land giving a hight possibility of an attack of that kind.

Some sources already speculated that the helicopter was forced to land due to a previous missile hit that damaged the machine but this is also unconfirmed.

Syrian Turkmen Rebels already stated to have killed at least one of the downed Russian pilots as a revange for the Russian air campaign in Syria.

Turkey accused Russia for several times now that Russian Planes and Drones have violated Turkish airspace and made clear that they would handle every further violation of its airspace like today.

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