Raising Honey Bees on The Homestead (Novice Beekeeper)

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We Got Honey Bees Again! So Let's talk about our new beehives we got here on our homestead & how we plan to learn more about beekeeping! Cog Hill Farm Merchandise: https://thecoghillfarm.com/shop --------------- We got honey bees again here on our farm, & this was a spur of the moment thing, that just blindsided us out of the blue. We were not really prepared for the new honey bees & the new beehives, but we had to make a decision to whether take these beehives or not. We received a phone call a few weeks ago, & basically someone ha beehives that they no longer could care for & we got a call wanting to know if we wanted the bees & beehives, but the kicker was, that we had to make a decision right then...we could not wait. So either we went & got the honey bees then or we lost the opportunity to the get the bees. So after thinking about it, we decided to go get them. We had no idea how many beehives it was going to be, or if they were active bee hives or not. We arrived at the property where the bess & their hives were located, and they seemed like they may have neglected or at least the hives had not been worked in quite some time. The bee apiary was very overgrown, and most of the bee boxes were about to fall over, & almost everyone of them were homemade bee boxes & the tops of the hives or the hive covers, were all very old & dry rotting campaign signs. We went in & placed a rag over the bee hive entrance, & began to try & ratchet strap them shut so the bee boxes would not come apart & the bees would not get angry and sting us, but the boxes were just so homemade & there were just too many gaps & plus the large campaign signs made it very difficult to keep the bees in & als made it very difficult to strap tight. So the honey bees ended up being very hard to move bc the bee boxes just kept shifting, and plus the weight of the beehines & bee boxes also contributed to the degree of difficulty while moving them onto the trailer. We did finally get all the bees moved & set up at the farm, & then the next day, they called back bc they had found several more bees hives that need to be removed & for us to come pick up. So we loaded all the bee equipment back up again & proceeded to go get these bees and bring them to the homestead. Now these beehives were in perfect condition. They seemed like fairly new bee boxes, & were not homemade boxes...they also had outer bee covers or top to the hives, plus they were already strapped, & it only took around 30 minutes to remove these bees & load these bee hives. We really did not have a place setup for all these new beehives to go at our homestead, so we just did the best we could at the time. I do plan to maybe change up the bee apiary setup once we get comfortable at raising bees, & are no longer beekeeping rookies, but until then, we are going to leave the honey bees where they are. We do want to put a fence around the bee apiary to try & keep predators out & that is something we may do very soon, but stay posted as we continue our new little beekeeping journey & as we learn how to become better beekeepers ourselves. Thanks for watching our youtube video about our new honey bees and beehives, & hope you have a the best day ever!! Keep dancing!! Jason Smith, the dancing farmer. Contact Us: Cog Hill Farm PO Box 2204 Selma, AL 36701 coghillfarms@gmail.com ---------- *HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL?* -Make a Donation Through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/CogHillFarm -Bookmark & Shop From The Following Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/?ie=UTF8&tag=cohifa06-20 -------------- Our Other Social Media Sites: -Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CogHillFarm -Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CogHillFarms -Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coghillfarm/ ------------ *Podcast is uploaded every Sunday on these Podcast Apps/Locations/Sites:* -iTunes: https://goo.gl/mPcKed -Stitcher Radio: https://goo.gl/Ea9Pfu -Podbean: https://coghillfarm.podbean.com/ -Google Play: https://goo.gl/pHhzc4 ------------- Welcome To Cog Hill Farm & Homestead: the dancing farmer We are a small family farm & homestead located in Alabama, & this is our story! #KnowYourFarmer #KnowYourFood #GrowYourOwn If you are just beginning a homestead or just starting out, I hope these homesteading videos & our homestead channel are helpful! And keep dancing! ------------- raising honey bees | bees nest | beekeeping for dummies | beekeeping 101 | backyard beekeeping | how to raise honey bees | home beekeeping | keeping honey bees ------------- Music By DJ Quads: ●Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads ●Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/djquads/ ●Twitter - https://twitter.com/DjQuads Download Link: https://theartistunion.com/tracks/d769f3 Thank you! Cog Hill Farm