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How Your Tongue Works

Salty, sour, sweet - you couldn't taste any of that without a tongue. Find out how your tongue works in the tongue video.

2013-08-22 05:02 741,901 YouTube

We Scraped Our Tongues

"I don't think I can even look at it." Mouthwash and Bad Breath Treatment: https://breathrox.com/collections/subscribe-and-save-collection Tongue Scraper: http://amzn.to/2BXvOx3 Check out...

2017-12-23 03:08 5,955,324 YouTube

Tongue Split, 5 years after! || Regrowth, tricks and FAQ's

At last, another video about my tongue split! I feel like I'm just repeating myself over and over, as there really isn't much to say about it, but you guys keep asking for it so there you go

2016-12-15 08:58 3,960,314 YouTube

13 Health Problems Your Tongue Warn You About

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2 Main Reasons of Bumps on Back of Tongue

Releev Oral Care Treatment http://amzn.to/1KJYLtX Bumps on back of tongue have many reasons to arise. There are 2 main reasons of bumps on back of the tongue. Visit http://www.medrition.com/

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Michael Douglas Claims Val Kilmer Is Battling Tongue Cancer

The actor made the shocking claim during a Q&A in England on Friday....

2016-10-31 01:03 16,915 Dailymotion

Panting dog gives funny tongue-wave

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. My dog Barney after a big walk. Lisa Porter of Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue helps instruct this foster mom how to so...

2016-01-21 00:17 178,990 Dailymotion

crazy tongue

A girl does some crazy moves with her tongue, damn that looks sexy. Enjoy...

2007-12-18 00:36 4,360 Dailymotion

Beauty Queen the Latest to Undergo Horrifying 'Tongue Mesh' Procedure

A potential Miss Venezuela had plastic mesh sewn onto her tongue to keep her from eating solid foods, which is surprisingly tame for a South American pageant co...

2014-02-07 01:09 2,131 Dailymotion

American Tongues

American Tongues...

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