Rooster Teeth

Why Your Body Jerks When Falling Asleep - A Spot of Science #4

2 hours ago

Why does your body jerk when you're just about to fall asleep? And the beetle that shoots it's enemies with acid from its butt. How does it not blow its own legs off ...

Miles' Counselor Story - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

3 hours ago

Miles has some embarrassing moments while doing some team building exercises. Audio from RT Podcast #322: ...

NO SWEAR WORDS - On The Spot #85

1 day ago

You don't have to use naughty no-no words to be funny. Not everything has to be toilet humor and sex jokes all the time, you know? On The Spot is your one ...

Sex Swing: Beyond the Band

2 days ago

Are you ready to ROCK?! Are you ready to ROLL?! Are you ready for the best band in the world to shred your face with their hot licks and mind-blowing music?

RWBY Cast - Always Open #17

3 days ago

Join the cast of RWBY - Barbara Dunkelman, Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, and Arryn Zech for Always Open, as they discuss anime conventions, irrational fears, ...

Burnie's Vlog in New Zealand - RT Life

3 days ago

Burnie and Ashley encounter all number of travel problems, hang out with Hideo Kojima, explore a spooky former nunnery, and enjoy some truly stunning ...

Trying Vegemite at RTX Sydney - RT Life

4 days ago

After trying Vegemite the "American" way in Austin (in large, unforgiving globs), Caiti teaches Blaine and Josh how to eat Vegemite the proper way while in ...

Wigs, Pleather, and Sax - RT Life

5 days ago

Introducing Rooster Teeth's first house band, RSTR (alternatively known by the many different names Geoff supplies during Relationship Goals tapings).

Gavin Forgot The Podcast - RT Podcast #415

5 days ago

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns and (eventually) Gavin Free as they discuss disgruntled airline pilots, Beyonce, and Donald Trump's ...

Eleven Little Roosters - Episode 5: Rogue Nation

6 days ago

Participate in the interactive side of the show at http://elr.roosterteeth.com ! It's a scramble to stop a suspected Rooster from murdering an ally, but all may not be ...

Life According to a Fly - A Spot of Science #3

1 week ago

Do flies see life in slow motion? and, How do animals tell time? Gus Sorola challenges Chris Demarais and evolutionary biologist Sally Le Page with some of ...

Burnie's Jokes - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

1 week ago

Burnie tells a couple of his favorite jokes from when he was little. Whether they're good or not is up to you. Audio from RT Podcast #395 - Post Show: ...


1 week ago

In all seriousness, if ghosts actually existed wouldn't you want to know what they taste like? And to be clear, all of you saying no right now are lying to yourself.

RWBY Volume 4, Chapter 12: No Safe Haven

1 week ago

It's been several months since the Fall of Beacon, and the world of Remnant is still recovering. Tensions are high, lives have been lost, and the members of ...

Burnie’s Vlog at RTX Sydney - RT Life

1 week ago

Burnie documents the fun and mayhem of RTX Sydney, from live action production shoots to panel after panel. ||| See Rooster Teeth videos early on FIRST: ...

Valentine's Day Sucks - Always Open #16

1 week ago

Join Barbara Dunkelman, Patrick Matthews, Jessica Vasami, and Mariel Salcedo as they discuss their Best and Worst Valentine's Dates, the first impressions, ...

Pie-Face Showdown - RT Life

2 weeks ago

Barbara and Mariel challenge each other and their friends to a pie-face (or in their case, shaving cream) showdown. Mariel is surprised by her own abilities, but ...

Just Had Sex Look - RT Podcast #414

2 weeks ago

Join Brandon Farmahini, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, and Todd Womack as they discuss flushing condoms, Super Bowl commercials, things that can't be ...

Company Photo - RT Life

2 weeks ago

During a rare moment when the entire company was together, Burnie, Matt, and Barb attempt to take the new company photo using Burnie's drone.

Eleven Little Roosters - Episode 4: The Most Dangerous Game

2 weeks ago

Participate in the interactive side of the show at http://elr.roosterteeth.com ! One of the Roosters must choose between love of country and love of... love, as a ...

Planet of the Apes Isn't Fiction - A Spot of Science #2

2 weeks ago

Can animals teach their offspring a language? And what other amazing things are animals picking up from humans? Gus Sorola challenges Chris Demarais and ...