Let's Play - GTA V - The Humane Labs Raid - Criminal Masterminds (Part 6)

11 hours ago

It's time, ladies and gentlemen, for a Heist! You've watched them cake walk through the Fleeca Job. You saw them scramble through the Prison Break.

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 260 - Achievement Highlands

3 days ago

Somewhere far north of Achievement City, six towers have dislodged themselves from the ground and are now floating in the sky. Each tower has a flag.

Let's Play – Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 4

4 days ago

Achievement Hunter loaded up their guns and headed straight into town. Little did they know, one of them was ready to betray the other. Well, more like ...

Let's Play - Payday 2 (Round 3): AH Live Stream

5 days ago

Special thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring today's AH Live Stream. Get your first three meals free with free shipping by going to http://blueapron.com/AHPT.

Let's Play - Cloudberry Kingdom - Part 21

6 days ago

Jack, Michael, Gavin, and kind of Ryan are back playing Cloudberry. This time, they're jumping over lava and dodging happy looking spike balls, because I ...

Let's Play - GTA V - Humane Raid: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 5)

1 week ago

Three setups down, two setups to go! The Criminal Masterminds at Achievement Hunter are so close to doing the Humane Labs Raid Heist, but first they must ...

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 259 - Dark Monopoly Finale

1 week ago

Achievement Hunter tried hard to run away from Monopoly. Michael and Gavin even agreed to be in a movie so they didn't have to film it. But Monopoly keeps ...

Let's Play - Sunday Driving in Ghost Recon Wildlands

2 weeks ago

Geoff gets Ryan, Jeremy and Jack to join him on a leisurely, if not somewhat artillery-heavy, drive in Ghost Recon Wildlands. ||| Join FIRST for exclusive Let's ...

Let's Play - Paladins

2 weeks ago

Geoff got a really cool Drogoz skin from his Double Gold box, so what better way to enjoy it than to make Achievement Hunter play Paladins together?

Let's Play - Jeopardy! Part 4

2 weeks ago

Its team "Southern Britain" in this episode of Achievement Hunter Jeopardy! Jack, Jeremy, and Gavin answer questions about math, Samuel Jackson, and Greek ...

Let's Play - GTA V - Humane Raid: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 4)

2 weeks ago

The tension continues as the Fake AH crew start the Humane Raid Heist in their quest for the Criminal Masterminds achievement. Will they complete the setup?

Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 258 - 2 Glide 2 Furious

2 weeks ago

If you're not out of control, you're not in control! New maps have just been added in to Minecraft's Glide minigame, and Achievement Hunter's ready to race for ...

Let's Play – Hot Seat: GTA V Featuring James Buckley

3 weeks ago

Hotseat returns with a special guest, YouTuber and British Actor James Buckley. Geoff and Gavin interviewed the Inbetweeners star at the Funhaus studio, with ...

Let's Play - Use Your Words

3 weeks ago

A fill the in the blank, party game? This won't end in crude revelry, no. Achievement Hunter has always been a PC and easygoing crowd. There won't be any ...

Let's Play - GTA V - Special Cunning Stunts 2

3 weeks ago

The Fake AH Crew rocket down to the race track, get blazed, and ruin their reputations as they do their second Special Cunning Stunts episode. ||| Join FIRST for ...

Let's Play Minecraft – Episode 257 – Oceancraft

3 weeks ago

Under the sea! Under the sea! I need a turtle. You have a white pearl. Give it to me! Try to trade wit de cannibal, then do a race wit de crab people. The whales ...

Let's Play - Catch a Lover

4 weeks ago

I bet you all thought [husband] and [wife] were such a happy couple, but turns out [wife] is a cheating sonuvagun! [Lover] has come in to tear this once-loving ...

Let's Play - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

4 weeks ago

This isn't Achievement Hunter's first rodeo in the last-man-standing shooter: PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds. Their goal is to make it to the end. Will they?

Let's Play - Overwatch: Uprising

4 weeks ago

Join Achievement Hunter in Overwatch's newest event: Uprising. This "amazing Overwatch team" is going to play on legendary mode, or was that expert mode?

Let's Play - GTA V - The Prison Break - Criminal Masterminds (Part 3)

4 weeks ago

Time for Heist no. 2 in the Criminal Masterminds series! Ryan, Gavin, Michael, and Jeremy must break into Bolingbroke Penitentiary to free Maxim Rashkovsky.

Let's Play Minecraft – Episode 256 – Mo'Chievements: Double Dragon

1 month ago

Achievement Hunter's quest for the elusive Elytra continues. Only one dragon stands in the way of getting even more achievements. Or is it two dragons? Didn't ...