SML Movie: The Bake Sale!

4 hours ago

After Joseph breaks every bone in his body trying to pull off a crazy stunt, Junior and Cody have to raise money to pay for his medical bills!

SML Short: Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks!

5 days ago

Chef Pee Pee thinks he is good at cooking, but someone needs to let him know the truth! Lovell was sick while filming this video, that is why his voice sounds a ...

SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet!

1 week ago

Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet!

SML Movie: Substitute Teacher!

2 weeks ago

Jackie Chu is sick so there is a substitute teacher! WATCH FIRST PART FIRST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsPA_yOq-iU.

SML Movie: The Quiet Game!

2 weeks ago

Jeffy has to be quiet. Jeffy's Parents coming January 24th.

SML Movie: Big Ears!

3 weeks ago

Watch in 720p for best quality! Bowser Junior doesn't have ears! So he gets a special surgery!

SML Movie: Happy Merry Christmas!

4 weeks ago

Have a Happy Merry Christmas!

SML Movie: Taken

4 weeks ago

Ken gets taKEN! Get it? Good. Now watch.

SML Movie: First Day Of School!

1 month ago

Today is Bowser Junior and Jeffy's first day of school! Watch Next Part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtCvT6XnyJU.

SML Movie: Jeffy Loses His Teeth!

1 month ago

Jeffy loses his teeth and meets the tooth fairy!

SML Short: Life Is Ruff!

1 month ago

In this Disney channel original movie Bowser Junior and Chompy get hit by a truck! They switch bodies some how!

SML Movie: Smart Jeffy

1 month ago

Jeffy becomes smart after a freak accident! Warning: Strong Language!

SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Game Night 6

2 months ago

Bowser Junior and his friends play board games for the sixth time! WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS BOARD GAMES THAT ARE OFFENSIVE AND HAVE ...

SML Short: Shrek The Babysitter!

2 months ago

Shrek has to babysit Junior and Jeffy. Sorry for the short video. I have been sick all week. There will be a longer video on Sunday! Thanks for being awesome!

SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee's Kids

2 months ago

Bowser Junior and Cody make Chef Pee Pee's Kids. I don't know it's a mess.

SML Movie: Turkey Tyranny!

2 months ago

The President bans Turkeys and makes them illegal to have on Thanksgiving. What will Mario do when Rosalina's parents threaten to destroy the planet if they ...

SML Movie: The Past Machine!

2 months ago

Cody invents a past machine that can bring anything back from the past!

SML Short: Locked Out

2 months ago

This will be the last Mario torture/Bad Jeffy video. Mario gets locked out of the house. Will Jeffy let him in?

SML Movie: Forsaken

2 months ago

Ken leaves Cody for Junior. Well kinda. It's complicated. New Meet The Cast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnkDNtua-yk.

SML Movie: Black Yoshi The Assistant!

2 months ago

Black Yoshi really wants the New Call Of Duty, he will do anything for it! Anything. http://www.instagram.com/loganthirtyacre.

SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Pillow Fort!

2 months ago

Bowser Junior makes a pillow fort! But Cody isn't allowed to bring Ken.