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BED SLEDDING BEHIND A CAR + Unlimited POPCORN Life Hack w/ Nerf Gun (FUNnel Vision Donate Vlog/Skit)

4 days ago

Our Toy Room is a Mess and filled with too many toys! We are clearing it out to make way for a cool new segment on Doh Much Fun and we are donating a ...

CHOCOLATE OREO BATH w/ DIAPER SLIME! Slow Mo Trampoline Jumping Kids Playtime (FUNnel Vision Vlog)

1 week ago

We have some fun Behind The Scenes footage of our Oreo Sneakers video! https://youtu.be/JEYaPH9ULf0 Thumbs up for the aftermath of OREO SNEAKERS!


3 weeks ago

Shawn drops some doodie while taking a bath! Caution: It's Gross and Sad but before that we decided to give Shawn one more chance in the store. We stay ...

OREO SNEAKERS! Walking on COOKIES! MARSHMALLOW FLUFF FEET! FUNnel Vision Messy Kids Sticky Challenge

3 weeks ago

Dad and Kids get crazy messy today with OREO SNEAKERS! That's right we make shoes of cookies and Marshmallow fluff, but can we actually walk with them?

SANTA CAUGHT on CHRISTMAS w/ ELF! 🎅 FUNnel Vision X-Mas HAUL 2016 Presents + North Pole Snow Vlog)

3 weeks ago

Santa Claus and Elf on the Shelf caught on our Security Cameras on Christmas! But before that we start this vid off on Christmas Eve and we see what our Elf on ...

CHRISTMAS HOUSE TOUR 3.0: Main Floor Magical Holiday Fun! 🎅🎄 (FUNnel Vision Vlog w/ FNAF Elf)

3 weeks ago

Last time we toured the upstairs, this time we tour downstairs, which isn't the down, down stairs but the middle floor! Thumbs up for holiday fun with a FNAF Elf ...

ELF on SHELF CAUGHT on CAMERA! + DRY ICE DRINKS of GUMMY CANDY + Baby Escapes Arcade |FUNnel Vision

3 weeks ago

While in Orlando, Florida Disney World's Magic Kingdom for Christmas Time fun, we spotted our Elf on the Shelf back home moving on our Security Camera!

INDOOR ICE SLIDES! 2 MILLION LBS of FROZEN Charlie Brown Christmas FUNnel Vision 9° ORLANDO, FL Vlog

4 weeks ago

FUNnel Vision Fam went to the ICE Exhibit at the MARRIOT GAYLORD PALMS RESORT HOTEL to see 2 MILLION LBS (POUNDS) of Shaved/Carved Ice ...

BAD KID MAKES MESS! ELF on the SHELF Dies? OLAF SCARES BABY! Gross Candy + More (FUNnel Vision Vlog)

4 weeks ago

Shawn is up to no good spilling all of our Chipotle all over the floor and getting Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty from Chase's Corner's Last video all over our carpet!

LEXI ADDICTED TO CANNED FOODS? + Mouthguard, Funny Upside Faces & Food Coloring Mess (FUNnel Vision)

4 weeks ago

LET'S GO SHOPPING because Lexi loves canned foods? It's all she eats? Why is she buying 300 cans at Walmart? Also in this random vlog is Chase is playing ...

WE LOST OUR BABY while CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Tickle Torture + POWER WHEELS Wild Thing (FUNnel Vision)

4 weeks ago

Shawn is a Runaway Baby! During Christmas Shopping Trip for Christmas Decorations and Christmas Presents as well as a Tickle Torture Game, our Snoopy ...

WILD ANIMALS in the MALL! Bad Kids Ride a Tiger + Found Lost iPad $$$$ (FUNnel Vision Vlog)

4 weeks ago

Mike, Chase, and Funnel Dad ride Wild animals through the mall! Who knew it had a “safari” xD We have fun racing, crashing, and zooming through the whole ...


1 month ago

We are celebrating 10 Million Subs!!?!?!? Mike hits the streets, stores & more to prank people who we don't know for the first time! :) We go to the park, the mall, ...

GROSS FOOD BATH CHALLENGE! Messy Fun w/ GROSSERY GANG Toys (FUNnel Vision Puke-Like Buckets)

1 month ago

FUNnel Vision Fam is getting gross with today's challenge. They have almost 200 Grossery Gang Toys that will be hidden in a bunch of yucky food. Who can find ...

CHRISTMAS CLOWN RUINS OUR DECORATIONS! Killer Fun Time Holiday Vlog! (FUNnel Vision w/ Song & Dance)

1 month ago

We know it's a little late but here is some of our Thanksgiving day vlog and decorating for Christmas. Thumbs up for Joo Joo on Dat Beet! Watch our last vlog: ...

RAN OVER TURTLE! 😩Eww Blood😠 Mom vs. Dead Snake Skin HAHAHA (FUNnel Vision Pet Smart Habitat Vlog)

1 month ago

We found a Turtle in the middle of the street & we rescued it! His name might be Godzilla! Ants are most likely afraid of him we learned. He likes to play hide and ...

BABY vs CAKE! Shawn's 1st Birthday Party! Family Games & Activities w/ FUNnel Vision + Presents Haul

1 month ago

Shawn celebrated his 1st Birthday COUNTRY STYLE!! We rented out a big 'ol barn and got some fun zoo animals for people to ride & pet. Shawn touches his ...

🎶 Shawn's 1st Haircut ♪ NERF GUN BLASTING FAMILY 🔫 FUNNY FAILS 😁 Rock N Roll Baby (FUNnel Vision)

2 months ago

Welcome to yet another random vlogs about lizards, bubble gum, nerf gun fun, Shawn's Bathtime mishaps, hairstyles, his first haircut and the home improvement ...


2 months ago

Shawn has literally just learned to walk OVERNIGHT! FUNnel Baby is walking around and we count how many steps he makes. And speaking of steps we hit the ...

ROBOT SAVES BABY FROM FIRE! COZMO Playtime! Artificial Intelligence Super Computer FUNnel Vision Fun

2 months ago

The FUNnel Vision Fam is playing with an awesome new robot friend, COZMO! HE IS AWESOME, See for yourself and watch the video! :) SPONSORED BY ...

1 YEAR OF SHAWN! One Picture Daily Vlog 🎂 Baby's First Birthday (FUNnel Vision Learning Candles)

2 months ago

This is a video, like we promised 1 year ago, 1 year of daily pictures of Shawn! Two days ago, Shawn turned 1 year old. Here is a quick look at something we put ...